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Plantation-grown Teak

Advantages with our plantation-grown teak

  • It does not contribute to the destruction of the rainforest, but instead to the reforestation of former clearings.
  • Everything is FSC-certified.
  • There is no risk of mixing with natural teak since teak does not grow naturally in Panama.
  • The whole chain from plantation to the customer is known, providing assurance to the customer.
  • Teak plantations help to absorb carbon dioxide to thereby relieve global warming.


Whats’s the difference between our plantation-grown teak and the natural forests?

  • It is the right choice from all social and environmental aspects.
  • It is the same species, and thereby should provide (eller provides) the same features such as resistance to decay.
  • There is a stability of supply, since logging is done in our own plantations.
  • It provides local residents work, which prevents shifting cultivation.