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Welcome to Ecotopia

About us

Ecotopia is a family owned company from Sweden with 4+ generation forestry owners.

Since we bought our first teak plantation in Panama 2005, our aim has always been to produce high quality teak logs with FSC® C008327. Ecotopia administrarte is a FSC 100% certified teak plantation that covers ~1200 ha of teak, where ~600 ha were planted already back in 1995-1997. Ecotopia has the capability to export containers world wide and during recent years, Ecotopia has exported ~1000 containers with teak logs across the globe. Now, Ecotopia is building a plant to process teak with highest international standard.


Ecotopia Teak
Plaza Patilla local 38
Ave Balboa
Panama City 
+507-390 2130